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27 March 2009 @ 01:37 pm
Blogcrews! & misc. - SUPER JUNIOR  
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individual - LEE SUNGMIN
Oh, please...
I just want SUNGMIN
not that other crap

 「SUNGMIN」 is like heaven
Je t'aime SUNGMIN
stop banging my headsungmin
SUNGMIN is my honeybee
(Lee Sungmin) + » internet obsession!!
「SUNGMIN」 is better than chocolate
I do it in the dark with sungmin
{SUNGMIN}'s Love is like a serial killer
and i'm his innocent victim

the symbol of what I called 'perfection'~♬
-₪You look like a ≈bunny≈ to me, sungmin- ►
LEE SUNGMIN is my cuppycake
I stand before you, [ SUNGMIN ],
with my heart in your hands,
and I don't know how to survive without your kiss,
'Cause you've given me a reason to exist
[SUNGMIN] is even HOTTER with his MESSY HAIR
The reason of my happiness Lee Sungmin
Lee Sungmin causes the butterflies in my stomach...
I tried GOOGLING the word SEXY, but all the appeared was:
Are you sure you weren't looking for
[♥lee sungmin♥] you're the detective so come solve my mystery
I got arrested by the cops for trying to smuggle SUNGMIN out of the country.
[Sungmin] invited me over his house one night to watch a horror movie. Oh my. I jumped into his arms during a scary scene and he comforted me by saying "It's okay. I'll protect you from evil guys like that ;D"


SUNGMIN if my radio breaks,
will you
sing to me?

"I love all the stars in the sky,
but they are nothing compared

to the ones in your beautiful eyes!"


HONEY to the BEE, thats SUNGMIN for me.
-SUNGMIN- said to me:

"Life without you is like a pencil without a lead - POINTLESS!"


Shindong what my d r e a m s are made of
I am 「Shindong's sister who is secretly in love with Sungmin
shin donghee » gl0mp4g3 m4gn37!!!eleventyone - ⌈ w o r d . ⌋

individual - HANKYUNG
I am 「Hangeng's chinese assistant
individual - CHOI SIWON
SIWON, share music with me?
My Summer Love
Sungmin x Eunhyuk is my number one OTP~
and .•°☆「Lee Hyukjae」☆彡 sings to .•°☆「Lee Sungmin」☆彡 ~
where do you go when you're lonely?
i'll follow you when the stars go blue
my Easter Bunny OTP pair ˚•Lee Sungmin X Lee Hyukjae•°

it was not Cupid's fault!
[KANGIN] and [EETEUK] are really meant for each other

[ HANCHUL ] is MINE!!!

[ HYUKMIN ] is MINE!!!

My daily rants are about SUPER JUNIOR

the only13 love
[Super Junior T] serenaded me with Rokkugoh