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27 March 2009 @ 01:41 pm
Blogcrews! & misc. - HYUKJAE  
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Lee Hyukjae/Eunhyuk

EUNHYUKIE; my hero♥
  「HYUKJAE」 is like heaven

HYUKJAE- sang mirror to me
as I fell asleep in bed with him
Je t'aime HYUKJAE
my legal drug
EUNHYUK is my Wonder Boy → Photobucket
they always say there are
plenty more fish in the sea,
well HYUKJAE will always be my nemo
HYUKJAE & victoria's love is true
EUNHYUK handed me 12 roses,
11 real and 1 fake, and said;
"i'll love you till the last one dies."
whenever you're on tour
i listen to your voice messages
just to hear your voice
I am 「Eunhyuk, Royal bestfriend
I've claimed, i own. Hyukjae's feet
HYUKJAE's love for me is so pure that it
distorts my
perception of
R E A L I T Y and F A N T A S Y.
  stop banging my headhyukjae
{ HYUKJAE } holds my heart !!!
「HYUKJAE」 is better than chocolate
  knows how to make me squirm


my intentions were good!
 ...well, not really~
{HYUKJAE}'s Love is like a serial killer
and i'm his innocent victim
With 'Hyukjae' life couldn't get better
I've got ドキドキ! LOVE メール from [ hyukjae ].
'HYUKJAE' was born to be loved by me
I'm HYUKJAE 's Princess!
hyukjae blows my storm clouds away
Lee Hyukjae is my lovebird
» lee hyukjae « used a cheesy pick-up line
... but I fell for it anyway.
I love you baby
& I’m never gonna stop

HYUKJAE n. 1. love , 2. all that I want
ღ; HYUKJAE makes me feel the heaven
HYUKJAE is the only fish in my sea
HYUKJAE Baby ♥ , you drive me insane
  LEE HYUKJAE is my cuppycake

the symbol of what I called 'perfection'~♬
HYUKJAE〗→ is proud of my love
he sings me sweet songs every day & night
One thousand years of tears will drench my heart
No matter how many times I'm reborn
Until I can meet HYUKJAE again...

I stand before you, [ HYUKJAE ],
with my heart in your hands,
and I don't know how to survive without your kiss,
'Cause you've given me a reason to exist

§ Lee Hyukjae is inside and out. •.
-₪You look like ≈sunshine≈ to me, eunhyuk- ►
HYUKJAE is 100% made of my pure love
U are the one for me LEE HYUKJAE
HYUKJAE is always be my L.O.V.E. Forever
[HYUKJAE] is even HOTTER with his MESSY HAIR
there's nothing in the world better than you
eunhyuk anywhere you go, I will be there
extra extra » this just in HYUKJAE + his loyalty to friends <3
stars flash flash; and there goes the cameras. stars

i was having a [conversation] with

HYUKJAE when he said:
Let's flip a coin...
HEADS you're mine, TAILS I'm yours.
lee hyukjae puts the rainbow in my life
Everytime I see you... I fall in love all over again.
Addiction, is what you are to me, [HYUKJAE].
A craving,
a need
... and without you, I cannot survive.

I am
chained to you, forever.

eunhyuk anywhere you go, I will be there
{ HYUKJAE } is my twin; welove JUNSU too much
[HYUKJAE] you are my sunshine, my only sunshine
[EUNHYUK] likes to feed me strawberries... with his mouth
heart star heart Every night beneath the stars, {HYUKJAE} whispers in my ear,
"I would give up everything just to be with you." heart star heart
Oh, do you mean what I and [HYUKJAE] did last night?
We were talkin' about

oh mister LEE HYUKJAE just because i felt like calling your name.
Lee Hyukjae causes the butterflies in my stomach...
× × I cαη sτïιι rememb೯г tн೯ ժαy ೞн೯η 「「 HYUKJAE 」」 ƒïгst ೞon my н೯αrτ.
Oη th೯ нïιιsïd೯ ೞн೯г೯ ೞ೯ ιαy, н೯ sαïd ೞ೯ n೯v೯г ೞould pαгτ. × ×
╒ Eunhyuk╛ ╒ Victoria ╛: at the end of the
"PAJAMA PARTY" brings perverted thoughts in my mind
especially if [HYUKJAE] is involved

I tried GOOGLING the word SEXY, but all the appeared was:
Are you sure you weren't looking for
Even if I'm sad, just hear « HYUKJAE » name makes me shine


[HYUKJAE] sing to me the song i love to hear.
the one you wrote just for me.

HYUKJAE if my radio breaks,
will you
sing to me?

"I love all the stars in the sky,
but they are nothing compared

to the ones in your beautiful eyes!"


~*~*~ He's a one stop jive, makes my panties drop
{HYUKJAE} is MY sweet talkin' sugar coated Candyman

  [HYUKJAE] is my little teapot

HYUKJAE☆, your music saves my soul

Watch the night turn into day,
dance on the Milky Way,
[ HYUKJAE ], melt me with your eyes,
my star boy rules the skies

HYUKJAE, let's flip a coin 
if it's h e a d s, we'll be togetherforever† 
if it's t a i l s, we'll flip it again

i keep "hyukjae" in a c o o k i e j a r so no one can steal him from me
[HYUKJAE] is the cherry to my coke float
-HYUKJAE- said to me:

"Life without you is like a pencil without a lead - POINTLESS!"
  HYUKJAE is all I've waited for, and I could not ask for more
[♥lee hyukjae♥] you're the detective so come solve my mystery
-.-" Perhaps you didn't hear me correctly. I will ONLY smell the eunhyuk way! Got it?
I got arrested by the cops for trying to smuggle HYUKJAE out of the country.
lee hyukjae, let's create the perfect crime. I steal your heart, and you steal mine
HYUKJAE eight billion people, eight billion souls but sometimes, all I need is ONE

【hyukjae】 Baby, did it hurt when you fell out of heaven? Good thing I caught you~
[LEE HYUKJAE] stole °[VICTORIA'S]° first [under the autumn tree];;and it was magical~
In SPRING The s a k u r a blooms beautifully upon me as » EUNHYUK « gently kiss my lips under the falling petals, then whisper to my ears " 사랑해 "
[Eunhyuk] invited me over his house one night to watch a horror movie. Oh my. I jumped into his arms during a scary scene and he comforted me by saying "It's okay. I'll protect you from evil guys like that ;D"