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27 March 2009 @ 01:43 pm
Blogcrews! & misc. - JUNSU  
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Kim Junsu

i [wake up] to
heartbeat] in the morning.


Oh, please...
I just want JUNSU
not that other crap
JUNSU<3; my hero♥
Je t'aime JUNSU
「JUNSU」 is like heaven
all i wanna do;KIMJUNSU
they always say there are
plenty more fish in the sea
well JUNSU will always be my nemo
knows how to make me squirm
JUNSU handed me 12 roses,
11 real and 1 fake, and said;
"i'll love you till the last one dies."
one lifetime; one love;JUNSU
Kim Junsu is my V.I.P.
JUNSU → i'm forever with you
JUNSU & victoria's love is true
I am 「Junsu's secret admirer
「JUNSU」 is better than chocolate
I rodeJUNSUlike a horse last night.
{ JUNSU } holds my heart !!!
JUNSU n. 1. love , 2. all that I want
kim junsu makes my heart throb
I've got ドキドキ! LOVE メール from [ junsu ].
  i have more feelings for [JUNSU],
than any other girl ever will.

 'JUNSU' was born to be loved by me
I do it in the dark with junsu
junsu is my T I N K E R B E L L
KIM JUNSU rocks my world...
I'm the Queen of JUNSU land
JUNSU Baby ♥ , you drive me insane
I'm JUNSU 's Princess!

JUNSU wants to «music» with me.

Being the dork I am,
I shouted JUNSU's name in public.
» JUNSU is the cheese to my macaroni
kim junsu makes me wanna LALA ~
JUNSU is the only fish in my sea
-₪You look like the ≈sun≈ to me, junsu- ►
If I'm the frog, JUNSU must be my prince.
I was born to tell you I love you ✪ → JUNSU

the symbol of what I called 'perfection'~♬

i was having a [conversation] with

JUNSU when he said:
Let's flip a coin... HEADS you're mine, TAILS I'm yours.
SOMEONE CALL 911! junsu took my breath away.
[JUNSU] is even HOTTER with his MESSY HAIR
extra extra » this just in JUNSU + his ekiangkiang <3
stars flash flash; and there goes the cameras.
One thousand years of tears will drench my heart
No matter how many times I'm reborn
Until I can meet JUNSU again...

`` [kim junsu] is my one and only shining STR .
【JUNSU】 took me for a ride in his car
JUNSU is always be my L.O.V.E. Forever
Everytime I see you... I fall in love all over again.
JUNSU is 100% made of my pure love
there's nothing in the world better than you
ATTENTION! »»» Kim Junsu belongs to me!
I tried GOOGLING the word SEXY, but all the appeared was:
Are you sure you weren't looking for
Because of JUNSU, I know no other perfection.
(KIM JUNSU) is my heart, mind and soul, my forever love

staying withJUNSU ★★under the starry sky★★
is the
second best thing
knowing him is the first
[Kim Junsu] serenaded me with Rainy Night
[JUNSU] you are my sunshine, my only sunshine
Addiction, is what you are to me, [JUNSU].
A craving,
a need
... and without you, I cannot survive.

I am
chained to you, forever.
[JUNSU] likes to feed me strawberries... with his mouth
❇彡 JUNSU ; I will support you f o r e v e r~
even if the the rest of the world turns it's back on you
× × I cαη sτïιι rememb೯г tн೯ ժαy ೞн೯η 「「 JUNSU 」」 ƒïгst ೞon my н೯αrτ.
Oη th೯ нïιïd೯ ೞн೯г೯ ೞ೯ ιαy, н೯ sαïd ೞ೯ n೯v೯г ೞould pαгτ. × ×
Even if I'm sad, just hear « JUNSU » name makes me shine
Oh, do you mean what I and [JUNSU] did last night?
We were talkin' about
JUNSU is all I've waited for, and I could not ask for more
oh mister KIM JUNSU just because i felt like calling your name.
kim junsu wrote a song for me and named it ‘victoria
Kim Junsu makes my inner fangirl giggle and flail to { no end }.
I'm sorry, SUSU. I can't help but be clingy when I'm with you, love.
[Xiah Junsu] " I was on X-Man...those were some good times :D "
[♥kim junsu♥] you're the detective so come solve my mystery
-.-" Perhaps you didn't hear me correctly. I will ONLY laugh the junsu way! Got it?
For my birthday, Kim Junsu dressed up as a duck He looked so cute~!
I got arrested by the cops for trying to smuggle junsu out of the country.
Dear Diary . . .
I promise i will not try to imagine [ JUNSU ] as a [ DESPERATE MANIAC! ] again.

 gave me his
B A N A N A.

cuddling in the rain

[JUNSU] sing to me the song i love to hear.
the one you wrote just for me.

JUNSU if my radio breaks,
will you
sing to me?

{JUNSU} bought me a journal
and on the first page it wrote
'You are my world'.


"I love all the stars in the sky,
but they are nothing compared
to the ones in your beautiful eyes!"

HONEY to the BEE, thats JUNSU for me.

~*~*~ He's a one stop jive, makes my panties drop
{JUNSU} is MY sweet talkin' sugar coated Candyman

[JUNSU] is my little teapot

JUNSU☆, your music saves my soul
JUNSU, let's flip a coin 
if it's h e a d s, we'll be togetherforever† 
if it's t a i l s, we'll flip it again

[ junsu ] && [ I ] /ROLL LIKE/ "THAT"

Kim Junsuis my SKY


| He just keeps me shouting for MORE |


Do you remember that night, ♥JUNSU♥ ?
The s t a r s filled the beautiful night sky
then you looked into my eyes and said,
" You're my shooting star, my only love.♥ "

Even though we're separated from the
that ties us both together, say I love you

voice is my rainbow
I'd cross the sky just to reach it

JUNSU is the syrup to my pancakes.

-JUNSU- said to me:

"Life without you is like a pencil without a lead - POINTLESS!"

Junsu: Whats your favourite fantasy?
: To kiss in the rain.  Whats yours?
Junsu: To be the one kissing you
[JUNSU] is the cherry to my coke float
I write phrases like "I love KIM JUNSU"
and "VICTORIA and JUNSU forever"
all over my notebook when I'm bored in class.

I’ll be your » T i n k e r b e l l « fairy, ღ; JUNSU ;ღ ; Like the sun in early spring, like the sky in late autumn, like the ocean in summer and like the first snow in winter. /
[KIM JUNSU] stole °[VICTORIA'S]° first [under the summer sky];;and it was magical~
[Junsu] invited me over his house one night to watch a horror movie. Oh my. I jumped into his arms during a scary scene and he comforted me by saying "It's okay. I'll protect you from evil guys like that ;D"
[JUNSU] and I love to watch the clouds together for hours on end to see if we can spot a heart-shaped one.